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Since the institution’s formation of mainly processing operation of electrical manufacture in 1950, we have practiced the idea that is to realize quality and improvement without losing sight of basic points.
For coping with demands from customers, we focus on improving electric skills mainly of an insulating process. Moreover we’ve been expanding business to various electrical coupling parts and coils for rotary machines (rotator, stator coil), electromagnetic coil and transformer coil including a variety of insulating.
We accumulate technology and know-how steadily, and we stretch from coil assembly to fabrication of electric motor and generator to meet our customer’s needs.
We took out ISO9001 (International Standard of quality management system) in 2007 and KES (KES Environmental Management System Standard) in 2008, and we emphasize CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) for customer satisfaction.
From now on we assure that we’ll provide more customers with significant benefit in creative ways through manufacturing. We’ll work forward as a company which can contribute to society. We look forward to your continued support.

President: Seiichi Hotta

Company outline

Established in 1950
Founded in 1971
Capital 10million yen
Address 2-43-9, Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.
Tel: +81-(0)294-28-1181
Fax: +81-(0)294-28-1182
Main client Hitachi, Ltd.
TOSHIBA Corporation
Hitachi Kyowa Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Engineering & Services. Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Setsubi Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Electric Holdings CO.,LTD.
Main bank Hitachi branch of JYOYO BANK
Hitachi branch of the Kanto Tsukuba Bank


The first stage

 ◆ establishment
    of a business
 ◆ factory address
Wakaba-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.
 ◆ founder
Manta Hotta
 ◆ main products
・mainly processed products for direct-current motor

The second stage

 ◆ charging time
 ◆ factory address
Wakaba-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.(1953-1993)/
Higashikanesawa-cho, Ibaraki Pref.(1993-1999)
 ◆ the second president
Sekiho Hotta
 ◆ business performance
・Component manufacturers for induction motor and generator
・electrical coupling
・parts by insulating
・coil manufacturing qualification
 ◆ System Development
・Development of Production costing calculation system
・Development of Purchasing management system

The third stage

 ◆ developing period
 ◆ factory address
factory address: Higashikanesawa-cho, Ibaraki Pref.(1993-2000)/
Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.(2000-)
 ◆ the third president
Seiichi Hotta
 ◆ business performance
・component fabrication of rotary machine
・equipment investment and reinforcement of human resources
・coil manufacturing of induction motor and generator
・wire replacing
・accelerator electromagnetic coil
・voltage transformer coil manufacturing
・rotor in 2,500 kw class
・coil assembly to fabrication of stator
 ◆ System Development
・Development of Investment management system
・Development of POP system
・Development of Support management system
・Development of Sales control system
・Development of Factory management system

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 <<Home office location>>
 2-43-9, Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi,
 Ibaraki Pref.
 Tel: +81-(0)294-28-1181
 Fax: +81-(0)294-28-1182

 <<Business overview>>
 ・electrical coupling parts of
  motor and generator
 ・rotor coil of electric motor
 ・stator coil of electric motor
  and generator
 ・coil assembly and fabrication
  of rotor
 ・coil assembly and fabrication
  of stator
 ・System development
 ・accelerator quadrupolar
  electromagnetic coil
 ・lead wire of electric motor
  for vehicle
 ・motor controlled sensor
  for vehicle
 ・coil connecting wire
  for large generator
 ・stator coil of generator
  connecting ring
 ・water-cooled electromagnetic coil
 ・industrial rubber casting

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