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Area of specialty and technology

 ◆ component

We manufacture various electrical coupling parts mainly of motor and generator.
We also handle high-mix low-volume production such as machining process, bending work and welding work.

 ◆ coil winding casting
We have achieved various coil winding and process of pulling and bent wire, mainly a stator coil of an electric motor and generator by a round wire and rectangular wire.
Furthermore, we have achieved auto insulating tape winding to unshielded rectangular wire, bent processing and radius processing after cutoff operation, and also voltage transformer coil winding process.

 ◆ insulation
Various electrical coupling parts and coils, insulating tape winding and also Varnish handling.

 ◆ coil assembly・

For example a consistent process from coil assembly to fabrication of rotor and stator, we have lots of actual achievement.

 ◆ System Development
Development and sales of software for office and factory management.

 ◆ wire replacing
Disassembly and renewal of degraded induction motor and direct-current motor.

 ◆ precision assembly
Fabrication of motor controlled sensor for vehicle.
Coil assembly, fabrication and near work of a compact electric transformer etc.

 ◆ industrial rubber

Making all rubber casting products such as rubber packing and rubber casting products with metal fittings. We can get a mold tool when it is necessary.

Examples of technology

【large auto taping machine】 【coil winding】

【auto taping machine】 【manual taping】

【coil assembly and fabrication】 【TIG weld】

【press】 【milling】

Our movie


 <<Home office location>>
 2-43-9, Ishinazaka-cho, Hitachi,
 Ibaraki Pref.
 Tel: +81-(0)294-28-1181
 Fax: +81-(0)294-28-1182

 <<Business overview>>
 ・electrical coupling parts of
  motor and generator
 ・rotor coil of electric motor
 ・stator coil of electric motor
  and generator
 ・coil assembly and fabrication
  of rotor
 ・coil assembly and fabrication
  of stator
  ・System Development
 ・accelerator quadrupolar
  electromagnetic coil
 ・lead wire of electric motor
  for vehicle
 ・motor controlled sensor
  for vehicle
 ・coil connecting wire
  for large generator
 ・stator coil of generator
  connecting ring
 ・water-cooled electromagnetic coil
 ・industrial rubber casting

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